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The Greatest Parenting Mistake Most Of Us Make

Through my foundation, Thru My Eyes, and the trauma work that I do utilizing EMDR and other trauma-based treatments, I’m faced with treating individuals whose lives change instantaneously through death and other types of traumatic experiences. Typically absent for them is any preparation or closure. The number one regret I hear most people reporting is not spending enough time and being present with their loved ones.

There’s always so much on the agenda, so many temptations, and an abundance of distractions. There’s technology and social media, working 24/7, and being over scheduled, which saturates our lives daily. Some of us refer to it as a “rat race” and others think about themselves “like a hamster on a wheel.” We wonder why we have difficulty organizing ourselves and remembering even the most mundane things. Read more on my blog @Psych Central. 


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