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My Family Doctor

Health Benefits of Holiday Family Get-togethers

May 2014


Feeling Blue Can Happen During, after and Even Before Pregnancy

May 2014


Can a workout really make you better in bed? I say definitely yes. And so does my guy.

Oct 2013

Real Simple Family

Too young to die: Helping your teen cope with the death of a friend.

Sep 2013

Channel 45 & 76

Health and weight management using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

May 2013


Have no fear: Isn’t it time you faced up to whatever scares you? Follow our rules to live a bolder, better life.

Apr 2013


The in-between years: Mature one minute, having a meltdown the next. Welcome to the erratic behavior of a pre-tween. Experts demystify this new phase.

Nov 2012

Experience Life

Strength in numbers: Workout partners can help you stay committed to fitness and fun. Here’s what you need to know to form an active pact that works for you.

Jul 2012

Family Circle

Making merry: This season, serenity starts at the home. Here’s how to handle five family conflicts that threat to take the happy out of your holidays

Dec 2011

Ladies Home Journal

Sometimes the last thing your friends need is your honest opinion.

Nov 2011

Women’s Health

The maybe baby mindset

Oct 2011

The New York Times

What gift to bring a child? For a traveling parent, beware acting out of guilt.

Jan 2011


Very bad behavior: Sure, parents know to expect tantrums and other bratty antics. But biting classmates and annihilating bugs? Find out what to do when your child’s actions start to scare you.

Dec 2010


The power of birth order

Oct 2010

The Rivertowns Enterprise

Risky behavior or typical teen?

Aug 2010

Woman’s Day

The husband whisperer: How understanding your man’s mind can improve your marriage

Jun 2010


Gross fun: Why are kids this age attracted to disgusting things? We dug up the dirt and found simple strategies to help you deal.

May 2010

Ladies Home Journal

Go Green

Apr 2010

Be a Master Multitasker

Mar 2010

Current Health 2

Hey, mom and dad: Are we cool? Relationships with parents always have room for improvement

Feb 2010

College Times

You’ve made your resolutions, here’s how to stick to them

Jan 2010


Dealing with a chatterbox: Why your child won’t stop talking and how to be a good listener

Jun 2009


Project Emotion

Mar 2009

The Baltimore Sun

The pros and cons of lending money to a friend or relative and how to do it

Feb 2009

Good Housekeeping

Money management secrets of married couples

May 2008


Small talk: Want to find out how your child’s day was? These questions will get you the answers you want

Apr 2008


Benefits of family vacations

Mar 2008


Are you normal about commitment: Eight “weird” things that are very, very normal

Jan 2008


Einstein Sleeping

Jan 2008

The New York Times

How to find time and ways to spend time doing the hobby you love

Dec 2007


Successful Socializing: Opening Up The Dialogue With Your Kids

Oct 2007

Family Doctor

Health benefits of holiday family get-togethers

Oct 2007


The Ignored Statistic: Feeling Blue Can Happen During, after and Even Before Pregnancy

Oct 2007

The New York Daily News

Parental advice to teenagers who are going on their first date

Oct 2007
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