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Parents, Cyber-Sex, and Children

The shocking things kids discover about their parent’s social media.

  • A father forgot to log out of the family PC and his 13-year-old daughter mistakenly found pornography under his username.
  • A 17-year-old’s camera was broken on her phone, so she took a picture and texted it to her father to check out the picture quality. She shockingly found nude pictures of him on his phone, along with other nude pictures of a strange woman whom she didn’t know.
  • A 22-year-old went on his mother’s Facebook messenger to look for a prior message and found sexually explicit messages to a man she dated in college and evidently visited very recently.

Adjusted for privacy, these are just some of the stories reported to me over the past year. You may be thinking, what is a kid or teen doing on their parent’s social media? Were they granted permission to venture there or are they prying? The honest truth is that kids will always be curious about their parents; that’s not going away. Remember how another generation poked around for Dad’s Playboy? It is up to parents to provide innocence to their children to grow up unhindered by adult issues. Read more via Psychology Today.


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