This is a Mother’s Day we will forever remember. It has been since late March that a majority of us have been sheltering in. Most of us cannot ever remember experiencing such a range of emotions in such a short period of time. The extent of uncertainty and ambiguity is rampant. We must forgo our human instinct to be in control and be accepting of continuous helplessness. Life as we know it has drastically changed and with it comes complexities and concerns over all the systems and structures that revolve around us.

There is new consideration of our safety, health, economic viability, socialization, among other things. An air of heaviness looms for us as we are now venturing into a world where our society must assess the trade-off between individuals’ economic well-being and health. Never could we have imagined being in this predicament.

On this Mother’s Day I am processing the impact that it is having on my children and the sadness I feel, that yet again, they are in the middle of what feels like another Armageddon. If mass shootings, school shootings, and terrorism were not enough in their lifetimes, they are further confronted with being forced to cope with circumstance that are challenging on so many levels.

There are things that I feel sorry for and other things that I feel gratitude for that they have to endure.

My Children, I’m Sorry That…

Your schooling and learning were abruptly disrupted.

You must learn in a manner that may not be conducive to your learning style and needs.

You missed major milestones and events that needed to be rescheduled or canceled.

You are denied natural human connection and affection that you are used to, miss, and want.

Your socialization is inhibited, as your natural development directs you into prioritizing your peer relationships.

You hear on a daily basis about death and destruction caused by a disease we know very little about.

My Children, I Feel Gratitude That…

You have the ability to challenge your resilience and build adaptive coping skills through the adversity.

You are learning to be more cognizant, sensitive to, and advocate for the greater good.

You are realizing that life is filled with uncertainty so there is a need to intentionally be in and appreciate the present moment.

You are continuing to develop the flexibility to take risks, make transitions, and strategize.

You have had the opportunity to tap into true gratitude for your relationships and face to face contact, communication, and connection.

You get to experience the essence of family by spending a considerable amount of time with us and participate in activities that we do not ordinarily engage in.

All activities were suspended so that you had this opportunity to just be.

You are learning to better cope with boredom and expanding your creativity.

You are developing stronger gratitude for freedom, health, and human connection.

You are gaining knowledge about nurturing our environment and witnessed the skies clearing of pollution and wildlife returning to newly clear waters.

You are more aware of hygiene, health, self-care, and fitness.

You are recognizing that we can work to accommodate change and stretch ourselves to limits that we never thought we could.

You are taking on new interests and hobbies.

You witness healthcare providers and first responders being praised and recognized instead of the typical athletes and celebrities.

You observe everyday heroes including frontline workers such as supermarket cashiers, bus drivers, garbageman, postman, security guards, etc. getting the recognition they deserve.

You have a true appreciation for your teachers and the classroom setting because you were forced into remote learning.

You have a greater awareness about the value of human life.

You gained realization that things can change in an instant and that we need to appreciate each and every precious moment.

While this Mother’s Day comes along with many mixed emotions, it also afforded me with many gifts that will remain with me forever. I have a revived appreciation for what I have and will hold even tighter my family, loved ones, and the values with which I have chosen to live my life.