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Manchester Terrorism: Targeting Our Children Evokes Fear On A Whole New Level

I can’t get the sight of the parents pleading to the public soliciting help to find their 15-year-old daughter, or, the family where the 8-year-old little girl was killed and her sister and mother lay in the hospital fighting for their lives. I think about the father who is both mourning and caretaking and all the others whose lives drastically changed in minutes. 

For me it hits home. I took my 8-year-old to the same concert at Madison Square Garden at the end of February. My mind shifts from, “that could have been us” to “it could have never been us because we left early from the concert and didn’t wait until the end of the show.” It’s too jarring to identify with it. My mind can’t and won’t tolerate the thought. Read more: Huffington Post.

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