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We Don’t Get To Choose Our Children

We Don’t Get To Choose Our Children: What Happens When You’re Not A Good Fit. We don’t get to select our children, although, sometimes we wish we could. The goodness of fit impacts our ability to feel connected, generous, and present with our children. You may be a parent who is affectionate and nurturing, while your child is reserved and wards off physical affection that wasn’t initiated directly by them. You may also be a parent who is uncomfortable with an intensity of emotion, and prefers to avoid conflict, while your child may be the quintessential drama queen or king, and is experienced as willful and argumentative. These disparities can be unnerving, even to the most open and caring parent.

Just because you may have disparaging thoughts and feelings about your child doesn’t make you an unloving, uncaring, or a “bad” parent. Thoughts and feelings come and go. It’s more about the actions you take on behalf of them. Read more via Huffington Post.

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