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Challenges Of Parenting I Never Signed Up For

Challenges Of Parenting I Never Signed Up For: Living In An Overtly Violent World

I distinctly remember being upstate in a bungalow colony and feeling overwhelming fear because I overheard that the “Son of Sam” was earmarking and attacking young women with blond hair. What did I know at five years of age? I anticipated that my mother was at risk and I gravely worried that she would become his next victim.

It wasn’t anyone’s intention that I overheard the news and was stricken with fear and worry. When I finally couldn’t hold it in any longer, I cried and expressed my fear and was reassured that it was happening on another side of town and that my mother was safe from any imminent danger. I’m amazed that the incident still sticks out in my mind and when reflecting upon it, I can recall the intensity of fear I felt almost forty years ago. Read more on Huffington Post. 

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