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Anxiety in Teens: Questions

Anxiety in Teens: Questions

I’m looking to do an article about Halloween and teens as I’m finding there’s a lot of anxious teens concerned about their social standing in regard to Halloween and being included in a group. It’s starting already, as early as now.

I have some questions that I would appreciate if your teen can answer, if she/he’s comfortable. If she/he feels comfortable and has friends he can share this with and they can e-mail me directly or you can just cut and paste their remarks that would be great. No pressure at all. Everything is held in confidence.

I expect the answers also depends on the age of the teen and how they feel socially in general. So here goes:

(1) How do the groups get formed?

(2) Does the group wear the same costume or a theme that everyone follows?

(3) Do the groups actually go trick or treating or do they do something else?

(4) Do many/some teens get left out of the festivities?

(5) Are there Halloween parties that also take place?

(6) At what age does it transform from everyone wears their own costume to groups forming and doing it together?

(7) What grade/age does the group forming start and go up until?

(8) Do boy and girl groups form separately or together (coed)?

(9) What criteria goes into deciding what costumes to settle on and wear?

(10) Is it anxiety provoking because of the whole process you have to go through for Halloween? If yes, why?

What do you think?

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