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A Family Mission To Africa: Passing Down Life Lessons To Our Children

At age 13, for our children’s coming of age ritual in our faith, they are presented with the opportunity to participate in a community service project. This mission to Kenya, is the second one for us to Africa. The first took place two years ago in Uganda with my second oldest son.

After contributing ourselves, and collecting donations from family and friends, my husband and I and our youngest son, our third child, decided to travel to Kenya to a remote community near Nyahururu. The objective was to build them a social hall and kitchen so that they can effectively gather as many as 200 people during holidays and for special occasions. In addition to building, we also brought their children soccer balls and school supplies.

While we were there helping them to build, we also spent time learning more about their culture and customs as well as take time to enjoy meals with them during work breaks. Toward the very end of our trip we visited the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya’s largest safari, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an elephant orphanage, where we fostered a baby elephant, and visited and donated to Hope House Babies Home, a home that provides safety and comfort for abandoned babies and toddlers ages, newborn to 4 years old. Read more via Psych Central.


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