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Life Lessons From A Family Mission in Africa

I spent six days in Uganda on a mission serving the Abayudaya Tribe and the surrounding communities in five villages near the city of Mbale. In honor of my son’s Bar Mitzvah we fundraised for mosquito nets, notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners and soccer balls. My son, my husband and I took the journey and disseminated the supplies to the five villages and their two schools. While on our journey we additionally donated eighteen benches and three book shelves to a synagogue in one village, three mattresses to a household where their five children were sleeping on the floor and paid the school fees for a child for a year for the individual who accompanied us throughout the villages during our journeys.

I continue to process my array of thoughts and feelings which range from joy, gratitude, sadness, disappointment, shame and guilt. The journey has been a profound one and I expect it will continue to have impact on my thinking, feelings and the actions I take throughout my lifetime. There are many life lessons that came from opening myself up to new experiences and challenging myself to shift my perspectives on how I view things. Read more via Huffington Post.  Please pass along to others who may benefit.

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