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10 Tips For Living Your Best Life

I’m constantly reminded in my personal and professional life how precarious life can be. Things can change on a dime and life the way we know it can transform into something wonderful or something horrific.

Over the past week, a patient I’m working with was awarded a merit scholarship for an incredible academic achievement, another patient was diagnosed with late-stage inoperable cancer, and a person I knew as a child from summer camp was viciously murdered.

Life ebbs and flows. Every day is distinct. We experience joy, and often, along with it, human suffering.

Every day can be meaningful. It’s a chance to reflect and contemplate, grow, and make incremental changes as we go along. We want to tap into how to live our “best life.” A life that’s productive, purposeful, and one that we are living fully while connecting to our self and other people. Read more via Psych Central. 

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