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15 Ways To Take Effective Action Toward Your Weight Loss And Health

It is our sabotaging thoughts that get us stuck and block our willingness to engage in a lifelong process of healthy eating and ongoing physical fitness.

Thoughts such as, “I will not be successful at it,” “It’s too hard,” “I don’t have the time,” etc. keeps us stagnant and blocked.

When we have these thoughts, it impacts our feelings and directly affects our health and fitness behavior. As Nike’s famous slogan correctly states, “Just Do It.” We cannot wait to be motivated. We become motivated when we do. We feel better, have more energy, and our health improves. Taking action compels us to want to do more and stay invested.

There are many thoughts that pass through our minds daily. Our thinking is not easily understood. It is complicated, confusing, and often doesn’t make sense because it changes so often due to our mood, how we physically feel, a given situation, and our experience and history. Read more via Psych Central. 


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