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Mothers Day Meditation

First Use The Guidelines Below To Prepare For The Exercise. For The Audio Press On The Picture. The Mindfulness Meditation Text Is Also Included Below.

This mindfulness exercise will help you pay attention fully in the moment, without judgment. Mindfulness improves your focus, concentration, and responses so that you become more thoughtful when you make choices regarding your parenting and in many other facets of your life.

Use these guidelines to prepare yourself for this mindful meditation exercise:

  • Get into a comfortable position in your seat.
  • Sit upright with a straight posture, feet flat on the floor.
  • Rest your hands gently on your knees with palms up or down.
  • Close your eyes. (If closing your eyes is too uncomfortable, you can participate with open eyes).
  • Take a minute to let your mind settle before you begin the mindfulness exercise.
  • After the exercise, take a minute to just sit in silence before opening your eyes or going about your activities.

Sit comfortably and gently close your eyes. Feel the stillness, the quiet, the absence of movement. You are noticing you and all that you are. You are here with your body, your mind, your physical sensations, and all the thoughts that come and go. Pay attention to it all and recognize it for what it is. It is a moment in time. You are creating a meaningful moment when you get to focus on you.

Be aware of your body and breathing. All parts of your body are wonderful, and all parts deserve recognition and appreciation. Just be with it all, as your body is always present. Your mind can ebb and flow toward the past and future, but your body will always be with you in the here and now, in the present moment.

Reflect on your parenting and identify what you feel went well in your interaction with your child(ren). Think about what that was for you, whether it was acting kind, being supportive, or contributing to their well-being in some fundamental way. Think about the pride you felt and the sense of appreciation and gratitude that you had for yourself. Appreciate the beauty of that moment and the fact that you’re able to notice yourself and all that you are.

Notice that every day you are becoming more thoughtful, more in tune, and more generous in your parenting. You’re always getting better with each moment that passes. You’re an incredible person who holds so much value and love. At your core, you’re warm, kind, and loving.

You are the creator of your destiny. You can do or be anything that you set your mind’s eye on. When you work hard at something, you strive and you accomplish. You always do, because you put all your energy into being your best self. Embrace yourself, your abilities, your mind, your feelings, your actions, and who you fundamentally are.

Reflect on the mother you want to be. Have an image in your mind of something you would do or say to your child(ren). Have awareness of how that would feel in your body and in your heart. Identify the thoughts and feelings that go along with the image. In your heart you feel joy, you feel peace, you feel serenity, and self-fulfillment. You are one with yourself because you are being who you want to be.

Recite to yourself, “I am at peace with myself. I appreciate who I am. All people have value, and I am a valuable human being. I accept the mother I am. I accept my challenges. I accept my strengths. I view my challenges as strengths not yet developed, rather than weaknesses. I do not have to be perfect to be an okay mother.”

“I am perfectly all right just the way I am. I recognize that I am different from others, not better or worse, just different. I slip just like everyone because I am human. I accept my humanness. I embrace my humanness. I celebrate my humanness. I will continue to be a compassionate, kind, thoughtful, attentive, and generous mother.”

“May I be well; may I accept myself; may I be peaceful. May I be patient, may I have courage, and may I have the understanding and determination to work through challenges, because I am capable and worthy.”

Allow for these positive self-sentiments to envelop you. Recognize that you are unique. You are powerful. You are wonderful. You are you. A mother who is always trying her best.

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