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How Our Society Is Creating Anxious Kids: The Challenges For Parents

I was asking my 10-year-old daughter what three wishes she would want if they were granted to her. She said to have a sister, to fly, and for the world to be free of very bad people.

When she spoke about flying, I automatically assumed she wanted to fly so that she could get to places more readily. Little did I know that she wanted to fly so that she can easily and quickly get away from anyone that was trying to harm her. When I heard that my heart sank. Two out of her three wishes included her desire to be safe and free of fear.

It’s not surprising that kids today are riddled with fear. When something occurs, it’s showcased 24/7 on all social media outlets. It scrolls in on the channels our children watch and the social media outlets they visit.

Between mass shootings, hate crimes, political unrest, and blatant human rights violations, there’s typically something disturbing or distressing that’s out there to showcase. It’s distressing to adults, even more so it’s bound to be for our children. Read more via Psych Central.

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