You always have choices.

There is a lot about the holiday season, and especially this one, that can evoke negativity, sadness, and frustration. The holiday may be celebrated differently than it ordinarily is. Now more than ever, especially with the weather changing, pandemic fatigue further setting in, and word that a vaccine is close but not close enough to salvage our sacred holidays, we must make concerted efforts to stay open and flexible, and tap into our positivity, gratefulness, and joyfulness.

Although complicated, this holiday is also one in which we can learn and grow, be reminded about its significance to us, and connect to our most meaningful core values. We still have choices, and we can decide where we direct our energy. Being in the present moment and choosing how we show up is in our hands. Empower yourself to recall and recount these positive affirmations to broaden your perspective and be reminded of all the choices you do have.

Positive Affirmations to Empower You Now:

1.  I choose to create and continue traditions that are meaningful to me.

2.  I get to choose how I respond to any situation on this holiday and otherwise.

3.  I can choose to set boundaries in my relationships that no longer serve or support me.

4. I choose to listen to my mind and body and what I need.

5.  I choose to be mindful and present so that I can notice all the beauty and joy that I am grateful for.

6.  I choose to give of myself fully and authentically, even if it requires me to be vulnerable and challenge myself.

7.  Kindness is a gift I will be offering for this holiday.

8.  I will give up my attachments and expectations to commit to further personal growth.

9.  I will seize the opportunity to narrate a new story for myself, one I am personally proud of and feel empowered by.

10.  I will offer empathy and compassion to myself and others.

11.  I will be more open to accepting what is rather than what my mind tells me was and should be.

12.  I will compare myself to me rather than comparing myself to others.

13.  I will be proactive about adding humor in my life as it lends to my overall well-being.

14.  I will act out of love rather than fear.

15.  If I want and need it, I will ask for help and/or support.

16.  I will do the best I can. That is all I can do.

17.  I release my regrets of the past. I forgive myself for what I did not know. I am grateful that I now know better.

18.  In whatever I choose to do, I will make the best of it and find where I can thrive.

19.  I give myself permission to step away and take a break if I become distressed or anxious.

20.  I will make it a point to focus on the goodness of the season.

21.  I will commit to being my best self, even if I do not feel like it.

22.  I cannot control the actions of others; therefore, I will not attempt to.

23.  I am resilient and will get through this moment and all circumstances to follow.

24.  I will engage in self-care, contemplation, and personal enhancement.

25.  I will treat myself with kindness, patience, and understanding.

26.  I will create moments of joy intentionally.

We always have choices we make that can contribute to how we approach and embrace the holiday. We may be sitting with discomfort due to uncertainty and feeling unsettled. We share that collectively. We could decide together to unite with love, kindness, and compassion toward ourselves and one another. We have the power in each of us to choose consciously and intentionally, and to be our best selves.

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Blog as posted on Psychology Today.